Should I use my name for a business name and for my website?

A lot of people want to use their name for their business name or for their website address. While I certainly think you should own a domain that matches your name, I DON’T believe you should use your name for your business.

One prime example is that most people don’t know how to spell your name. Unless you have one of the most generic and easy to spell names on the planet, people will struggle to type it in correctly.

I recently met a woman named Rhosee (Rose). Never would I have spelled it that way or correctly.

How many ways are there to spell Michelle (Michele, Mishelle)…probably more if you want to get creative.

People get frustrated easily. So if they misspell your name and can’t find you they aren’t going to keep looking. They are moving on.

Another reason is, what if your business grows huge and you want to sell it. Guess what? You now have to sell your name. Sucks, but true.

Find something unique yet easy to spell and that can be your business name. Better yet, find a business name that fits into the golden internet triangle.

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