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Should I use my name for a business name and for my website?

A lot of people want to use their name for their business name or for their website address. While I certainly think you should own a domain that matches your name, I DON’T believe you should use your name for your business.

One prime example is that most people don’t know how to spell your name. Unless you have one of the most generic and easy to spell names on the planet, people will struggle to type it in correctly.

I recently met a woman named Rhosee (Rose). Never would I have spelled it that way or correctly.

How many ways are there to spell Michelle (Michele, Mishelle)…probably more if you want to get creative.

People get frustrated easily. So if they misspell your name and can’t find you they aren’t going to keep looking. They are moving on.

Another reason is, what if your business grows huge and you want to sell it. Guess what? You now have to sell your name. Sucks, but true.

Find something unique yet easy to spell and that can be your business name. Better yet, find a business name that fits into the golden internet triangle.

Golden Internet Triangle

This is a simple post…not much too it. Your best bet to starting your search engine optimization off right is to use the Golden Internet Triangle. This means that…

Your business name = An internet search term = Your website address

If you can get these three things to match, search engines almost have to put your site as number one. But don’t quote me on that… 😉

Websites?? How Much??

It often comes up in ABNG mastermind sessions, how much should I pay for a website?

The answer is never as easy as people want it to be. The answer is $0 – $1,000,000.

You can certainly build your own site and now spend money on it, but what does that ultimately cost you? It costs you business. The free websites usually come with ads and look unprofessional.

Spend a little on a DIY website builder? Still, what does this cost you? Depending on the builder and how much time and energy you put into it, it may work for you or it may cost you business. Web designers don’t just look at the design, but the functionality, and the user experience. At least, that is what a good designer does. If you DIY your website, you may miss vital components or make the user experience harder than it needs to be.

You can also spend way too much on a design.  There are design companies that do the same work but charge very different prices. Do your homework.

In short, you get what you pay for. But you also don’t need the $1,000,000 website when all you need is the $2,000 website. Look at the work of the designer and see if it matches your style. If not, keep looking. Do your homework, do your homework, do your homework.