Golden Internet Triangle

This is a simple post…not much too it. Your best bet to starting your search engine optimization off right is to use the Golden Internet Triangle. This means that… Your business name = An internet search term = Your website address If you can get these three things to match, search engines almost have to … Read more

How do I get more business?

At almost every ABNG mastermind session someone submits a question regarding getting new clients, prospecting, cold-calling, or something else related to getting new business. And while this is valid and we all want the magic wand for this issue, we decided to put the combined answers that happen every time in this post. Below is … Read more

Getting and Giving Advice

At our ABNG meetings we often ask for and give advice to people who need support in their business. But there is one thing that most people don’t think about, “Consider the Source”. For starters, are you even qualified to give the advice you are giving? Is the person giving you advice qualified in that … Read more

Where to host your event?

Many times people ask where to host their events. This article will help guide you in the right direction. These suggestions came from several mastermind sessions within ABNG meetings. Libraries Whole Foods If you are in a venue, check with that venue Apartment Club Houses Senior Centers often have spaces available Banks have meeting rooms … Read more