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uLumos, LLC

Contact: Thomas Kelly
Work 44 Cook St Suite 100-111 Denver Denver CO 80206 United States Cell Phone: 3034856160 Work Phone: 844-485-8667 Website: uLumos, LLC


Technology Integration

Is your website making you money? Grabbing leads and customers? Do you know what your sales funnel looks like at all times? We connect your new website to Customer Relationship Management, accounting, email list, newsletter, landing pages, giveaways, coupons and eCommerce. Connect with existing and new customers to your business. Increase profits. Marketing Automation runs your business allowing you to work on your business. Creating Sustainable Success.

We come from a technology background with solutions using websites, mobile applications, Internet of Things, Marketing Automation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Entrepreneurs require a marketing plan, business plan and knowledge sharing.  There is a need in the startup community for an integrated marketing solution within every website that we determined from the feedback we received. We created a Marketing Automation Platform based on proven marketing plan to help entrepreneurs.

Provide software design and development services integrated into our Marketing Automation Platform. We believe everyone can be successful, with the correct systems, tools, methods, and our teams assistance. We build technology, platforms, and expertise in areas that our customers and their business may not have.

We make it easy to have a fully featured iOS and Android App for your Business. Combine Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with your website, email marketing, and eCommerce. Integrate analytical tools into your website to track and capture information on your customers.