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Lauri Aigner

Wellness Coach Simple Health
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My health journey started 19 yrs ago. I was 36, had just given birth to my son & I weighed close to 200 lbs! My son was born with some health issues & in addition to my extra weight, I was also experiencing some gut issues. So, I started searching for a program that aligned with my values. During that search I ran into a friend that encouraged me to partner with her & learn more about the benefits of adding more plant nutrition to my diet. I was desperate!! So, I made a decision & took action. Can you imagine the excitement I felt when I saw my son’s health improving in such a short time? Can you also imagine how great it felt for me to start feeling better as I was experiencing healthy weight loss? I had no idea that the consistency of flooding our bodies everyday with a variety of plant nutrients would not only improve my son’s health and that I would also be able to lose weight in a very safe, sustainable, healthy way. Above and beyond my personal experience, the 40+ published, gold standard medical studies done on Juice Plus, in the human body, gives me the confidence to share this whole food nutritional support with others.

If you are ready to revolutionize your health I would love to connect to learn more about you and see if the program I am offering is a good fit for you.