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EnvoyPeace Coaching & Consulting

Founder Contact: Kevin Lockwood
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Kevin is a collaborative, highly inspirational executive who adds value by:
• Listening deeply, with curiosity and an awareness of what I know is just a glimpse into what is possible, because the best and most empowering solutions come from those experiencing the challenges.
• Providing expertise and leadership backed by a globally diverse career in Transformational Change Management and Continuous Process Improvement.
• Transforming highly difficult challenges into decidedly successful outcomes inclusive of systems, processes, and people.

His career has been diverse, spanning military service, Fortune 500 program management, non-profit leadership, and consulting with companies across the globe to effectively create and impliment change and cultural transformation. I am known for developing effective solutions to challenges and generating a lasting impact on organizational and individual growth and success. My passion lies in empowering others, enabling them to continually grow and thrive.

His expertise encompasses organizational behavior, talent utilization, leadership development, stakeholder engagement, process reengineering, and conflict resolution. I am recognized for leading and guiding teams toward increased cohesiveness, effectiveness, and productivity; and for establishing multiple non-profit organizations focused on creating positive change on a local and global scale.

Career Highlights (For-Profit Focus): https://kevin-lockwood.com
Career Highlights (Non-Profit Focus): https://envoypeace.com