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Frederick Matzen

Photographer, Videographer, Audio FRM PhotographyPhotographer, Videographer, Audio Engineer
Cell Phone: 7202991083 Website: FRM Photography


I’ve been dabbling in photography and art most of my life. I was a pencil artist in my younger days then got into music very heavily. Then came photography. First on 35mm film, later moving to medium and 4×5 large format. I had my darkroom in the basement of my house. A friend shared it with some of his gear as well. We did a lot of prints there, mostly Black and White but some Cibachrome color prints.

Alas at some point I grew tired of film and quit photography for a bit. I was waiting for digital to catch up to what I expected from film. When my daughter was born, my first child, I had to have something to document her life growing up. So I got an early Kodak point and shoot digital camera. It didn’t take long before that wasn’t enough and I found a Nikon D3200 on Groupon. That was about 2012. I was again hooked and started gaining more gear, more knowledge in digital photography. I’ve always been a self-taught sort of person so it didn’t take long before I had become comfortable with DLSR’s and all the incredible things I could do with them. I was able to extend my love for macro in ways I never could with film. Photograph live music without the guess work of waiting to get the film back to find out I made a mistake on exposure.

So I am at the stage now where I learn something new almost everyday. Work on perfecting my skills more and more. Trying new techniques and experimenting to create new ones. The possibilities are endless and I intend to be able to view the horizon some day. I will never reach the end. No one can. But I will enjoy every minute of the journey.

Because I see the world as art.