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DR. Eric Avery

Physical Therapist Avery Physical Therapy, LLC
Cell Phone: 303-915-5092 Website: Avery Physical Therapy, LLC


Hello, this is Dr. Eric Avery, PT, DPT, with Avery Physical Therapy, your Mobile PT Service!

I have been practicing since 2003, after I graduated from Regis University, in many different clinical settings. Currently providing out-of-network Physical Therapy services in your home, office, or sporting field.

My ideal client is one that has had healthcare services in the past without the results they were looking for.

My clinical goal with every single client is to not just treat the acute symptoms, but to find your “why” to your pain and mobility challenges.


Services I provide:

Traditional PT Services: therapeutic exercises, balance training, home exercise program creation, neuromuscular re-education, manual therapy, vestibular rehab for dizziness

Chronic Pain Program: Infusion of tranditional PT Servcies with education and mindfulness training

Diet Terminator Program: It is not about what you eat, but why you are eating it. Change your eating habits by discovering your eating triggers, and continue eating what you like!

Thank You!

“Find Your Why, Change Your Life”