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David Singer

David Singer Health InsuranceHealth Insurance and Property and Casualty
Cell Phone: 720-724-6322 Website: http://www.davidsingerhealthinsurance.com


“Would it be Worth a 10 Minute Conversation with Me to potentially Save you Over $100 a Month”


My name is David Singer.  I am a licensed health and life insurance broker residing, here in Denver, CO.

Come January 2014, those of you that do not have Health Insurance will be required to buy insurance or pay a fine.

I am certified to sell in the Health Market Place (Health Exchange). We can see if you qualify for government subsidy, if not, it could save you money to buy a policy now.


Customer Comment: “I have found David to be a knowledgeable advisor who does a very good job of patiently presenting all insurance options available based on his client’s needs. His approach and advice has proven to me that he has his client’s best interest at heart. In addition, his follow through is excellent without being over bearing or pushy which makes him very easy to work with.  I highly recommend David for your insurance needs.”

Debora P.


1.      I do not represent one particular health plan.  Instead, I work to match individuals with a plan that best meets their particular needs. All of the plans I offer are customizable, making them very affordable.

2.      I am familiar with a wide variety of plan options in Colorado.  I know which plans are most cost effective and which ones the doctors in our area accept.  Working with someone from the local community who understands Colorado laws is essential because health care is regulated by the state.

3.      I will be there for you long-term.  As a personal benefits advisor, not only would I help select a suitable and affordable plan for you and your family, but I would continue to work with you and be there to support you if any issues arise.  

Customer Comment: Working with David was a joy.  Not only is he professional and knowledgeable, but he saved me money on my monthly premiums!  David is knowledgeable, responsive and a true gem.  I am thrilled to have found him.


I want to help you make the best decision for you and your family now, and I promise to be there to advocate for you later if you need me.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet you for a no-cost review of your current policy, or to discuss new coverage. I’m also happy to talk on the phone if that’s more convenient.

My cell number is 720-724-6322.  I look forward to hearing from you soon and working with you to ensure that you and your family have the most appropriate, affordable health insurance coverage.


Thank you

David Singer