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David L Heckel

Family Service Counselor David HeckelFuneral and Cemetery pre-arrangements
Cell Phone: 7207056224 Birthday: September 21, 1961


I was made in 1961 and raised in St. Louis, Missouri by an outdoors-man/skilled tradesman and a family oriented traveler-explorer Registered Nurse. I am the first born of two sons. I married my twin flame soulmate September 29, 2019 and we reside in Aurora near Stapleton in what was called Fletcher 100 years ago. At 34 years of age I completed my education and passed the National Board Exam to obtain my Funeral Director license. In December 2000 I left the profession for six years to provide full time care and nurturing to my boy/girl twins who were born Christmas day of that year. As I was returning to funeral service, my family lost my 41 year old brother suddenly and my 93 year old grandfather within months of one another. The experience of making each of those funeral arrangements led me in part to accept a position helping families have peace of mind by planning well in advance. I offer inflation proof guaranteed funeral and cemetery agreements from the premier provider on the North American continent: Dignity Memorial. Connect with me to learn about the many reasons why you should plan your own goodbye with me!