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DaDigitalSense Marketing

Contact: Abigail Ogbe
Cell Phone: 7208919164


I’m Abigail Ogbe, Founder of DaDigitalSense Marketing. I have been a business owner for the past 14 years. My 14 years’ experience in business has helped me build tenacity and resilience. I understand the unique challenges small business owners face and believe in the power of small business.

DaDigitalSense Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency located in Aurora, Colorado. I provide two main services: Lead generation for B2B and Local SEO for businesses who want to dominate their local competitors.

I work with business owners who are doing well but frustrated with the performance of their sales and marketing funnel and disappointed with their monthly customer growth. I help business owners with consistent flow of sales opportunities. A lot of business owners have some form of marketing in place but lack consistent flow of new and qualified opportunities. Most still rely heavily on referrals which places control in the hands of the referring partners. My work puts you, the business owner, in control of your sales pipeline.


I utilize LinkedIn to build awareness for your business, create relationship, and nurture strategically selected prospects through personal email messages until they agree to meet with you. Yes! Personal email messages. Not the newsletter-like mass emails. With this process, you can increase or reduce the flow of qualified opportunities in your pipeline depending on the availability of your sales team’s calendar. Let’s talk.

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