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DaDigitalSense & All Flooring Digital Marketing

Contact: Abigail Ogbe
Cell Phone: 7208919164


Founder of DaDigitalSense and All Flooring Digital Marketing.

DaDigitalSense provides digital advertising for small local businesses, helping them dominate the local community through indoor digital billboard advertising and Google My Business optimization. I provide email Marketing that works! I leverage social media and personal email outreach to attract prospects, warm them up, earn their trust, and then turn them into paying clients for you.

All Flooring Digital Marketing provides unparalleled digital marketing services to flooring contractors and floor care professionals like carpet cleaners.

 Work with an Entrepreneur You Can Trust, Has Been in Your Shoes and Believes in The Power of Perseverance

The conversation that follows when I tell people that I’m a digital marketer and advertiser, is about how they have spent a lot of money on marketing and advertising without results. With digital marketing, they received reports with complex analytic data but little to no new customers. Others are reluctant to start online marketing because of the difficulty and high cost.

My 14 years of experience in business as a real estate investor, landlord, and former owner of a commercial cleaning company, has helped me build tenacity and resilience. I understand the unique challenges small business owners face, but/and believe in the power of small business.

I am a planner and like to simplify tasks. Let me simplify your digital marketing and help you find cost-effective ways to be visible online and offline. My customized marketing strategies bring results.

Let Me Support Your Business

It’s time for you to strengthen your business’s presence both offline and online. Let me show you in simple terms how you can make this possible. Schedule a discovery call.