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Corinna Stoeffl

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Who am I?’ is a question that is like a thread through most of my life. The answers I found growing up did not satisfy me. A move from Germany to the USA which was supposed to be 2 to 3 years became permanent and opened some doors to other explorations. Each one was good for some time and then I became restless, dissatisfied again. There was more, there was something else, I just did not know how to get to that space. And so I continued searching, with each ‘step’ finding more of me.

This search changed when I came across Access Consciousness®. I would call it a modality that teaches the art of questioning. I really enjoy this looking from a different perspective, especially if there is not a right or a wrong perspective. There is just a being in question. This absence of judgment was so refreshing, since judgment is all around us.

I still ask ‘Who am I?’ and it is from a completely different space. I am no longer searching for an answer or a definition. Now it is from a space of wonder. It is also from a space of checking in with myself if I am being me.

In addition, there are the explorations of Being Me with the earth, with my body, with money, in relationship to others, with my business. And in what ways can I talk about these explorations?

If these are areas you are interested in let’s see what I can contribute to you.