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Dr Carrie Linn, D.C.

Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Wellness Consultant A Joint Venture Chiropractic
Work 6860 S Yosemite Ct., #2000 Centennial Colorado 80112 United States Work Phone: (720) 493-8410


Dr. Carrie Linn is a licensed doctor of chiropractic and certified acupuncturist serving the south Denver metropolitan area since 1994.  She is committed to promoting optimal health and wellness in her patients using the most fitting natural methods possible.  Dr. Carrie knows that every person is unique.  The best way to get her patients feeling their best is to provide multiple healing modalities to suit each person’s unique preferences, needs and healing styles.

Dr. Carrie has always had a passion for healthcare and natural medicine.  As a high school student, it was never a matter of going into healthcare or some other vocation.  It was only a matter of what branch of the healthcare tree to join.  As an avid fan of natural medicine the choice to become a chiropractor came naturally.  Thus, chiropractic & natural healthcare has never been just a job, it’s always been a calling and a way of life.  She is delighted to be continually learning and furthering her education to provide the best and most knowledgeable service because it involves two of her great passions – learning and helping her patients to heal.   Her desire is that her customized approach provides each patient with long lasting and effective results.  Dr. Carrie understands that almost nothing is more unsettling than having a health related problem interfere with one’s enjoyment and expression of life.  And nothing is more rewarding for Dr. Carrie than helping restore good health and vitality to her patients’ lives.

Dr. Carrie started her bachelor’s degree in Human Biology in her home state of Colorado and completed both her Bachelor’s of Science and her Doctorate in Chiropractic at Logan College in metropolitan St Louis Missouri.  In addition to her chiropractic and acupuncture training, she enjoyed serving as a student intern at the Ergonomics Department while at Logan College.  Further, she enjoyed being trained and employed as a deep tissue muscle therapist while going through college.  These additional activities provided valuable training, education, and experience that are helpful in her practice today.  And similarly, while training and education in laboratory analysis, ergonomics, nutrition and lifestyle started at Logan College, continuing education in this arena (and many others) has been ongoing ever since.

Dr. Carrie moved back to her home state of Colorado shortly after graduation and has been actively serving her community ever since.  She has enjoyed working in a variety of settings from traditional chiropractic care, to auto accident care and rehabilitation, and to integrated healthcare (jointly with physical therapy, counseling and medical care).  As a result of her experience Dr. Carrie believes that in addition to providing excellent wellness care, working in cooperation with her patients’ healthcare and/or legal team(s) is also a very important aspect to their total wellbeing.  She started A Joint Venture Chiropractic, LLC in 2001 in order to bring all these methods and philosophies together under one roof.  She believes that our bodies break down and stop functioning properly for a variety of reasons, and the more aspects of one’s body, mind, and soul that are addressed in a healthcare regimen, the more completely the body will heal.


As a chiropractor Dr. Carrie offers chiropractic adjustments & physical therapy modalities to restore health and balance to the nervous system while simultaneously alleviating pain, stiffness and discomfort.  As an Acupuncturist, she uses both traditional and modern methods to restore balance to the body’s flow of blood and life force energy.  She further helps her patients be at their best by offering nutrition and lifestyle counseling to help restore proper diet, lifestyle choices, nutritional and biochemical balance.  She further offers foot orthotics, ergonomic services & training, kinesio/athletic taping, orthopedic supports … the list go on. Her latest additional is the implementation of a mind-body method called Neuro Emotional Technique, or NET for short, which helps address the multiple causes of dis-ease(s) at the source.