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Miranda Cacek

Owner, Licensed Acupuncturist Breakthrough Family Wellness
Home 5002B E Hampden Ave Denver COLORADO 80222 United States Work Phone: 7203108525 Website: Breakthrough Family Wellness & Holistic Therapies


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At Breakthrough Family Wellness, we understand the kind of support, experience, and success you’re looking for.
Families who work with us understand that their family works better when everyone is healthy.

People who work with us get answers, peace of mind, and get closer to having the baby they’ve been hoping for.

People who work with us have healthy pregnancies, thriving babies, and feel safe and secure knowing they’re getting experienced, knowledgeable holistic care that keeps them and their baby safe.

People who work with us have shorter and easier childbirths, avoid inductions and c-sections, and have peace of mind and confidence going into their birth.

People who work with us recover quicker after childbirth, avoid the hormonal roller coaster, make more milk, and avoid postpartum depression. People who work with us are able to be the parent they want to be.

Kids who work with us have a greater relationship with themselves and their parents. They process and integrate emotions, memories, events, and health conditions in a balanced way so they are healthy, thriving, and lit up about life.