The Power of Why

In the journey down the Organization Process path, we start with the power of why. Time Order Purpose Organizing always asks our clients to start with their why. This seemingly simple question is so integral to your organizing success, as well as propelling you forward in all of life.

The Power of WHY

Why do you do what you do? Why do you want to get organized? Why are you in the place you are at? Why will any of this make a difference in your life? Why were you brought into this world?

For a second, pretend you are 3 and think of all the WHY questions you can possibly imagine around this process, your life, your goals, and your purpose.

Take some time and answer each of these questions. I encourage a blanket sheet of paper and just letting your imagination go. Try to open your mind and let whatever is in there flow out. Consider having different colored writing utensils to help you be more creative in the process.

Below you will find some of the answers I have come up with for my WHY questions. You can find more at

My Values:


  • Make a Difference
  • Adventure
  • Knowledge (gaining and sharing)

My Vision:

Make your vision bigger

  • Change the world through transforming the entitlement epidemic into a responsibility response.
  • Change education to teach our children about money, marriage, parenthood, time management, selling, personal development, decision making, feelings, and communication to name a few
  • Share my All In Organization Program with the world to help families come together to fight entitlement, create time and space to realize and chase after their passions and greater purpose, and to bring up fantastic future husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, etc.
  • Help divorced families minimize fighting, put the kids first, see the potential damage that can occur, and help create good boundaries, standards and expectations, and better communication. Additionally, assisting them in the home transitions and set ups

Purpose and WHY I do what I do combined:


  • I will change the world. I will be the change I want to see in the world – the example.
  • Dreams – I want people to dream and to know it is possible that their dreams can come true.
  • So many people have helped me, I want to pass it on. I want to help people.
  • I want to make a big impact. I have never felt like I have made a big impact on people lives or the world working for other people. I did not enjoy working for their dreams.

When we invest some time into finding WHY we discover our true driving force. We connect with a knowing that helps direct us, make better decisions, and ultimately get us back on course when we veer off. I encourage you to discover your why and get on the path to your greater passions and purpose.

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