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Shayla Brubaker

Interior Organizer and Household Productivity Coach The Declutter BugHome Organization
Home Phone: 303-887-7422 Website: The Declutter Bug


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I’m a former elementary educator and mom of two young girls. When I was a teacher, I noticed that the students who were more organized tended to have a successful transition to the upper grades. I made it my mission to teach my students the organizational skills and processes they required to be successful in school and life. As a mom, I follow the same mantra. With two small children, it’s nearly impossible to keep things tidy all the time. But, with a successful organizational system, it’s easy for even the youngest child to learn to tidy. I felt such a passion for helping families develop systems of organization that I decided to pursue professional organizing as a career. Three years ago, I took courses through a professional organization (NAPO) and began working with families in the south suburban area. I quickly realized that clutter and chaos are so often part of our family lives, with the majority of the responsibility for addressing clutter falling on overtired moms. I believe anyone can achieve a home that feels like an oasis, regardless of their family dynamic. However, I absolutely know that perfection is unreasonable, especially when there are young children in the mix. My goal is to help my clients create an organizational system that is sustainable. I absolutely love seeing the look of relief on a client’s face when our project is complete. And, I love visiting my former clients and seeing that the systems we put in place are working for their families months later. I’m unique because I’ve been trained through NAPO and I provide free haul away of donate-able goods after each session.