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Patrick Baker

Founder Prime of Life Tech
Home Arvada CO Cell Phone: 720-319-7145 Website: Prime of Life Tech Website


Prime of Life Tech provides on-site and remote technical support for smartphones, tablets, computers, and more. We can troubleshoot and conduct minor repairs for your devices. We also offer training and support, so you can feel empowered to use your technology to its fullest potential.
Small businesses typically don’t have an IT department or a big IT budget, yet they still need technical support and training. Prime of Life Tech works with entrepreneurs and small businesses, providing the IT education and technical support they need to be successful.
Patrick Baker founded Prime of Life Tech to provide knowledgeable, patient, and trustworthy technical support and training for people who were born before computers, smartphones, and smart devices became a part of everyone’s daily life.

Contact us today to discuss your IT tech support and training needs.