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Brooke Davis

Life Coach | Chief Creative Officer Roots of Abundance
Website: Roots of Abundance


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I am a Life and Health Coach that can help you step out of overwhelm and into less stress, more happiness, and greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

I’m in the business of helping you EMPOWER yourself so you can lead a meaningful life and wholeheartedly thrive while doing it.

I offer both 1:1 coaching packages and self-paced online courses that help you:

* Enjoy being coached from a heart-centered place that is both fun and effective

* Learn more about what motivates and rewards you so you can design your life around doing more of these things

* Resolve conflicts between mind and heart that drain your energy

* Effectively communicate who you are beyond a job title and a set of skills


I help you discover clarity, meaning, and purpose to help you live your Most Abundant Life.