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Photo of Alex Macfarlane Alex Macfarlane Financial Professional
Photo of Daniel H. Mason Daniel H. Mason Co-Founder

My wife and I founded ClearSky Payments on the premise that every business owner deserves a merchant account with which they can feel confident. After 11 years of owning a business and having to switch processors multiple times due to misleading contracts, hidden fees, and poor service, it was clear that there was a need in the Denver Metro area for an agency that could offer more.…

Photo of Frederick Matzen Frederick Matzen Photographer, Videographer, Audio

I’ve been dabbling in photography and art most of my life. I was a pencil artist in my younger days then got into music very heavily. Then came photography. First on 35mm film, later moving to medium and 4×5 large format. I had my darkroom in the basement of my house. A friend shared it with some of his gear as well.…

Photo of Laurie Maurel Laurie Maurel Real Estate Agent

My top priority is to always surpass the client’s expectations. Taking time to communicate and understand their concerns and dreams. I am committed to giving every client the same personal attention as I would a friend or family member.


“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” Red Adair

The apparel industry is full of options and you can purchase anything online, but do you really know what you’re getting? Have you ever been frustrated with the endless hours of searching and still left with many questions unanswered or ended up with a product that you just weren’t happy with?…

Photo of Paul Monax, CFP® Paul Monax, CFP® Geek’s Money Guide

If you are a Software Engineer or Techie and have struggled to find an advisor that “gets you”, I understand.
I spent 20 years as a Software Engineer myself, so chances are “I’ve been there and done that, and I have the T-Shirt to prove it”.

You are totally smart enough to do all your own finances, but you’d rather be spending your time on a passion project or side-gig or with your family than figuring it all out.…

Photo of Brendan Morrison Brendan Morrison Chief Principal

My expertise lies in the areas of Life Insurance, Investments*, Retirement Income, Estate Planning, Small Business Solutions, and Nonprofit Strategy. I am committed to helping individuals, families, and organizations achieve their financial goals. With optimized financial strategies, I provide tailored solutions to protect assets, grow wealth, plan for retirement, and establish strong foundations for small businesses and nonprofits.…

Photo of Don Senia Murray Don Senia Murray President

I help us see what’s known in our hearts.

Don Senia Murray

Visual storytelling is my thing and, really, always has been. I’ve been telling stories and making award-winning photos for a while now, earning ten CARE Awards, participating in various exhibitions, and receiving Black & White Magazine’s Award for Photojournalism.…

Photo of Tawnya Musser Tawnya Musser Home Funeral Guide, End-of-Life Doula, Celebrant

Tawnya is a Home Funeral Guide, End-of-Life Doula, and Life-Cycle Celebrant specializing in memorials & celebrations-of-life. She offers home funeral education and support, end-of-life care and planning, and custom ceremonies across the life-cycle with an emphasis in death and dying.

Home funerals are when the bereaved hold a home vigil/viewing/wake with the decedent in the privacy of their own home or space.…