How do I get more business?

At almost every ABNG mastermind session someone submits a question regarding getting new clients, prospecting, cold-calling, or something else related to getting new business. And while this is valid and we all want the magic wand for this issue, we decided to put the combined answers that happen every time in this post. Below is the list of solutions that have been thought up from many ABNG mastermind sessions.

A reminder…these are opinions and advice. DO NOT take it as gospel. Use what feels right, test it out, and draw your own conclusions.


  1.       Don’t do the things you don’t like doing. If you don’t like cold-calling, don’t do it. Hire out the things you don’t like doing.
  2.       If you are going to cold-call, be ready. Practice in the mirror. Start with those smaller fish so when you get to your ideal client, you are refined.


  1. ABNG is a great place to network. The idea of networking is to do it consistently so that you are top-of-mind, trusted, and the go-to-person when the referral comes about.
  2. Find networking events that are right for you. Some people like the more social events, some like the more structured events.
  3. Everywhere you are, is a place to network.
  4. Have a coffee with 4 new people a week.
  5. Talk to everyone, everywhere.
  6. Go to meetups that are of interest that aren’t about business. This allows you to meet people you might not otherwise meet.


  1. If you advertise, you must stick with it for a long period of time before you can decide if it is working or not.
  2. There is social media marketing, search engine marketing, radio, tv, newspapers, neighborhood publications, and many more outlets.
  3. Figure out who your ideal client is and where they hang out. This is where you direct your marketing efforts.


  1. Don’t assume that because you are business owner that you know everything. Go educate yourself. Take sales training, get some business coaching, go to workshops. Basically, you need to keep growing as a person so that you can adjust and change your approach until you are getting what you want.
  2. Teach something to your ideal clients. Present. This is a great way to show that you are a knowledge expert and clients will come to you.

The main way to get clients is to be noticed and be top-of-mind. You can do this in many ways and you basically need to find ways that work for you.


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