Getting and Giving Advice

At our ABNG meetings we often ask for and give advice to people who need support in their business. But there is one thing that most people don’t think about, “Consider the Source”.

For starters, are you even qualified to give the advice you are giving?

Is the person giving you advice qualified in that area?

Think about it this way:

Does the advice about mortgages from¬†someone who has never bought a house, isn’t a mortgage broker, hasn’t read about mortgages, have any weight?

Does it make sense to give advice about being a millionaire if you have never made a million dollars?

Does it make sense to listen to someone who is out of shape on how to get into shape?

Remember, we are all trying to help each other, but please do yourself a favor in that process. Consider the source. Don’t just take the advice blindly.

Consider the source.

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