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Is your business “healthy” for a PROSPEROUS 2018?

Wed, Feb 07, 2018
11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Colorado Plus Brew Pub, Wheat Ridge, CO
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The learning is FREE, but we ask you respect our venue and please order food during the event. Thanks!

It’s 2018, and you are ready to make it your best year yet! But if your business isn’t healthy to start, you might think you’re making great gains only to have to backtrack later. So how can you be sure you are starting out right in the new year?

What you don’t know can hurt you…so let’s get you in the know! Join us for this FREE lunch and learn, and get prepared with a worry free plan!
We’ll cover:

• How contracts can make or break your business

• Protecting your business “baby” as it starts to crawl, walk, and run

• Keeping you & your assets safe in and out of your business

• Steps to SNAFU prevention and recovery

• Winning customer loyalty during a SNAFU

“Hope for the best and prep for the worst” gives you the positive outlook you need, with safeguards in place to take chances and win the day. Come to this FREE lunch and learn and get your launchpad prepped for 2018!

Hi, I’m Tish. I fix things that suck. My goal is to rid the world of bad design, frustrating websites and experiences that suck while helping small businesses thrive in and out of the digital realm.

Hi, I’m Russell. I’m not your typical attorney. I’m a small business owner myself and work with entrepreneurs that like to be treated like a person rather than just a billable hour.