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Qualifying for a Home Loan

What do banks look at? According to Freddie Mac, it’s the 4 C’s:

  1. Capacity:Your current and future ability to make your payments
  2. Capital or cash reserves:The money, savings and investments you have that can be sold quickly for cash
  3. Collateral:The home, or type of home, that you would like to purchase
  4. Credit:Your history of paying bills and other debts on time

Be sure you are properly qualified before you begin the process of buying or selling your home.

The Power of Why

In the journey down the Organization Process path, we start with the power of why. Time Order Purpose Organizing always asks our clients to start with their why. This seemingly simple question is so integral to your organizing success, as well as propelling you forward in all of life.

The Power of WHY

Why do you do what you do? Why do you want to get organized? Why are you in the place you are at? Why will any of this make a difference in your life? Why were you brought into this world?

For a second, pretend you are 3 and think of all the WHY questions you can possibly imagine around this process, your life, your goals, and your purpose.

Take some time and answer each of these questions. I encourage a blanket sheet of paper and just letting your imagination go. Try to open your mind and let whatever is in there flow out. Consider having different colored writing utensils to help you be more creative in the process.

Below you will find some of the answers I have come up with for my WHY questions. You can find more at

My Values:


  • Make a Difference
  • Adventure
  • Knowledge (gaining and sharing)

My Vision:

Make your vision bigger

  • Change the world through transforming the entitlement epidemic into a responsibility response.
  • Change education to teach our children about money, marriage, parenthood, time management, selling, personal development, decision making, feelings, and communication to name a few
  • Share my All In Organization Program with the world to help families come together to fight entitlement, create time and space to realize and chase after their passions and greater purpose, and to bring up fantastic future husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, etc.
  • Help divorced families minimize fighting, put the kids first, see the potential damage that can occur, and help create good boundaries, standards and expectations, and better communication. Additionally, assisting them in the home transitions and set ups

Purpose and WHY I do what I do combined:


  • I will change the world. I will be the change I want to see in the world – the example.
  • Dreams – I want people to dream and to know it is possible that their dreams can come true.
  • So many people have helped me, I want to pass it on. I want to help people.
  • I want to make a big impact. I have never felt like I have made a big impact on people lives or the world working for other people. I did not enjoy working for their dreams.

When we invest some time into finding WHY we discover our true driving force. We connect with a knowing that helps direct us, make better decisions, and ultimately get us back on course when we veer off. I encourage you to discover your why and get on the path to your greater passions and purpose.

Want to Improve Your Focus and Productivity? Try Massage.

Every one of us from the lowest employee to the highest CEO, and everyone in between, has occasionally suffered from a lack of focus. We may get tired, groggy, anxious, or stressed and our ability to concentrate (and therefore, be productive) starts to slip away. Instead of chugging down another sugar-laden energy, or trying to stamp out your stress with another chocolate bar, try massage instead.

In a 1996 study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience, participants were divided up into two groups: one group who received a 15 minute chair massage twice a week for 5 weeks, and one group who were only asked to sit and relax for 15 minutes twice a week for 5 weeks. While both groups did experience increased relaxation and reported a less depressed mood, the massage group also experienced:

  • enhanced alertness
  • lower job stress
  • lower anxiety
  • and increased speed and accuracy on math problems

Clearly, massage has more benefits than just “feeling good”. Who knew that you could both be more relaxed and more productive simultaneously? But if your workplace doesn’t provide employee chair massage yet, never fear! You can still get many of the benefits of massage therapy through self-massage techniques. Just keep a tennis ball in your desk at work to roll out any tight or tired areas during the day. You can use the wall to help you in those hard-to-reach spots between your shoulder blades. Or you can lie on the floor with two tennis balls at the base of your skull to help release tension in your head before a headache sets in. Give it a try for 10-15 minutes every day, and see how much more alert and focused you can be at work.

How to Organize like an Organizer

Recently, I have upped my organizing material intake. This has in turn made me look around more closely at my environment and realized it has been a while since I have taken stock of what I have and how it is working for me. I have decided its high time I share with you my organizing process.

First, I want to break some illusion you may have that organizers are ALWAYS PERFECTLY ORGANIZED… it just doesn’t happen. We are humans, we sometimes get piles, we cannot always control life or the people in our lives. We generally can bounce back quicker than most because we have a god foundation to work off and in general freak out before it can ever get too bad.

That being said, I am the type of person who has moved on average once every 10-12 MONTHS of my life… so I was regularly doing major declutters, reestablishing systems, etc. However, last year was the first year in my adult life that I ever renewed a lease for my home. In addition to this, I am on my 3 set of roommates, hosted people on AirBnB and had a live-in boyfriend with his two kids on the weekends. My home has seen a lot over the last almost two years, and therefore, I decided it was time to do some overhauling using my personally designed organizing process. This new found energy could also be because I just read a book about minimalism and it really excites me!

I have vowed to take myself through the same organizing processes I work with my clients on, and share the experience with you. You can expect me to share my stories, ideas, thoughts, concerns, and the details of what exactly I have or am doing. I will do my best to share pictures, tips, tricks, and even horror stories.

Organizing Process Step One: Goals

The most important place to start is always with discovering your values, vision, and goals. Stay tuned for a break down on how to discover these three things, what to do with them, and how they play a part in completing the ultimate organizing process.

For more tips and information on whole life organization techniques is your go to resource.

Getting and Giving Advice

At our ABNG meetings we often ask for and give advice to people who need support in their business. But there is one thing that most people don’t think about, “Consider the Source”.

For starters, are you even qualified to give the advice you are giving?

Is the person giving you advice qualified in that area?

Think about it this way:

Does the advice about mortgages from someone who has never bought a house, isn’t a mortgage broker, hasn’t read about mortgages, have any weight?

Does it make sense to give advice about being a millionaire if you have never made a million dollars?

Does it make sense to listen to someone who is out of shape on how to get into shape?

Remember, we are all trying to help each other, but please do yourself a favor in that process. Consider the source. Don’t just take the advice blindly.

Consider the source.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Is it worth it?

Yes and No!!!

It is worth it depending on a few factors.

  • Can you compete in SEO land with your industry?

I am in a very competitive field when it comes to SEO. I don’t try to compete with anyone because I don’t have the time or resources to compete at that level. So for me, it isn’t worth it. Plus, people who are searching for my industry online are looking at price, not quality or what I can provide.

  • Is your brand/website ready?

If you market yourself through SEO but your site looks like a kid put it together, you are wasting your money and time. People may find your site but they won’t take you seriously.

  • Who should do it?

You can take classes and try it yourself, but is your time really worth doing something you don’t already know how to do? You can hire a company, but again, do your homework. What are their results? What are their clients saying?

  • Is SEO guaranteed?

NO!!! And if anyone says it is, question them, question them, question them. What are they guaranteeing? I can guarantee I can you get you on the first page of Google for a keyword that has no relevance to your business, but that doesn’t accomplish anything. Keywords are what people type into the search engine to find you. If they are looking for your industry they are going to be typing in very specific keywords. Make sure the guarantee is in writing based on keywords you want. Otherwise, understand that this is a gamble and Google always changes the rules. There is no guarantee in SEO (from my background and knowledge of how it all works).

Again, do your homework.

Websites?? How Much??

It often comes up in ABNG mastermind sessions, how much should I pay for a website?

The answer is never as easy as people want it to be. The answer is $0 – $1,000,000.

You can certainly build your own site and now spend money on it, but what does that ultimately cost you? It costs you business. The free websites usually come with ads and look unprofessional.

Spend a little on a DIY website builder? Still, what does this cost you? Depending on the builder and how much time and energy you put into it, it may work for you or it may cost you business. Web designers don’t just look at the design, but the functionality, and the user experience. At least, that is what a good designer does. If you DIY your website, you may miss vital components or make the user experience harder than it needs to be.

You can also spend way too much on a design.  There are design companies that do the same work but charge very different prices. Do your homework.

In short, you get what you pay for. But you also don’t need the $1,000,000 website when all you need is the $2,000 website. Look at the work of the designer and see if it matches your style. If not, keep looking. Do your homework, do your homework, do your homework.

Where to host your event?

Many times people ask where to host their events. This article will help guide you in the right direction. These suggestions came from several mastermind sessions within ABNG meetings.

  • Libraries
  • Whole Foods
  • If you are in a venue, check with that venue
  • Apartment Club Houses
  • Senior Centers often have spaces available
  • Banks have meeting rooms
  • Car Dealerships have meeting rooms
  • Some restaurants have meeting rooms
  • Co-Working Office Centers

And more…We will append this article with new location ideas as they arise.