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Bill Schaeffer Acknowledgement

Over the past year and a half I got to know Bill on a personal level which led me to ask him to be my mortgage lender when my wife and I decided to purchase a home.  I was not disappointed in my decision because Bill gave my wife and I the best service we could have asked for and more.  Bill not only got us the best interest available but his follow up and attention to detail was the best I had experienced in purchasing a home.  Thank you Bill!

Why You Are NOT Achieving Your Goals!

You have probably heard it your whole professional career, “people who set goals accomplish great things, and those who don’t are lost.”  In yet, most people fail to set goals… or at least fail to set meaningful goals.  And, if they set goals, they tend to fail to achieve the goals they set for themselves.  I want to communicate a simple system that I use to help my clients set goals for themselves.

Step 1 – Vision

The first goal that I help my clients set is their personal vision of where they want to be in 10-years.  It is very hard for anyone to think this far into their future.  However, it is quite necessary.  The key to setting a good vision goal is to dismiss the obstacles you feel you have currently in establishing this vision.  Do not think about money or family problems or anything that you think currently stands in the way of your vision.  It is also important to actually visualize your vision.  You need to create a clear image of all of your senses in your vision.  You need to know what it looks like, smells like, sounds like, feels like in every way.  You have to clearly connect your emotion and feeling to your vision to make it real.  Try to explain every aspect of your life in your vision so that it is crystal clear to you.

Step 2 – Gap Analysis

The next step is to evaluate what you need to accomplish in order to achieve your vision in the next 10 years.  Let’s say that, in order to achieve your vision, you need $1 Million.  Then you need to think about how you will earn $1 Million in the next 10-years to fulfill your vision.  If your vision requires that you patch things up with your wife, then you need to think about what things you need to do in order to accomplish this objective.  If you have been thorough in Step-1, you will most likely generate a list of about 20-items you need to accomplish within the next 10-years, which means that you will have 20-gap analysis… one for each goal.

Step 3 – Being vs Doing

It is common for most people to jump right into doing as part of their goal setting objectives.  This can be a mistake.  When I coach my clients, I try to get them to think about WHO they want to be; instead of WHAT they want to do.  Here’s why.  If you think that you will be happy if you get $1 Million; and then suddenly have this money and start spending it on all sorts of stuff; I can guarantee you that you will not be fulfilled.  Unless you have an idea of WHO you want to be when you have this kind of money, you will be no more happy or fulfilled than you are today.  A good question to think about to set up your thinking for Being vs Doing, is, “What do I want people to say about me at my funeral?” or “How do I want to live my life?”.

If for some reason you failed to define WHO you want to be in your goal setting, repeat Step 1 with BEING in mind.

Step 4 – Breaking Up Your Vision

After you have established the gaps you have in WHO your are; and WHAT you will accomplish, break your vision up into 1-Year chunks, then 1-Month chunks, and then 1-Week chunks.  Most of us think we can change everything about ourselves in one day.  By breaking up our vision, we acknowledge that genuine change and transformation takes time.  By breaking up your vision, you are formally setting up a plan to gradually achieve your vision.  If you feel like you can wake up one morning and be there, you will quickly be disappointed and give up.  That is probably why most New Year’s resolutions fail.  People try to make sudden, unrealistic changes and fall flat on their face when they fail.  By establishing weekly goals for a long term plan, you can actively monitor your forward progress and feel encouraged that you are on track to achieve your grand vision for your life.

This “breaking up” or segmenting process is the key to getting you to think about how small accomplishments build into large achievements. Without this, you will fail to become motivated about the small things.

Step 5 – Change Your Energy

The hardest part about achieving your goals, is changing the way you have approached life.  Let’s face it, simply setting a goal on a piece of paper or a computer journal will not change the way that you act.  Most people will establish a vision they are currently not on pace to achieve.  Let’s say that you want to lose 50-lbs.  If you want to lose 50-lbs, something in your past behavior caused you to gain 50-lbs unnecessarily. So, something in how you view your health, food, exercise, etc., will need to change in order for you to succeed in your weight-loss goal.

As a Core Energy Coach, I identify this thing as ENERGY.  You can call it whatever you’d like… attitude, perspective, thought process, emotions, character, personality, etc…  The best way for me to talk about the ENERGY for which I am referring is to give you an example.  Let’s say that you want to lose weight.  There are several ways you can view your weight situation: 1) there is nothing I can do about my weight, I was just born with bad genes; 2) I am angry at the world for calling me fat; 3) if I lose weight people will love me; 4) I want to lose weight because my spouse deserves a sexy mate; and 5) if I lose weight, I will feel more fit and will be able to do more activities with my family.  Each one of these different perspectives will create an entirely different outcome in a coaching client who wants to lose weight. So, if I have a client with an attitude at Level 1, as a coach, I understand I need to focus on shifting this energy before we can talk about setting goals.

In Core Energy Coaching it is important to understand why someone is thinking about themselves the way they are and help them shift their thinking to the next level of energy… until they are in a place they can actually accomplish their goals.  Otherwise, goal setting and visioning is a complete waste of time.

Step 6 – Accountability

Now that the goals are in place, my clients have an understanding of their ENERGY and how it is impacting reaching their grand goals, I hold my clients accountable for achieving their mini-goals on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  There is no punishment for not achieving objectives, but rather a deliberate and honest view of WHO they are as they strive to move forward.   This periodic view makes all of the difference in those who will achieve what they truly want in life and those who fall short.

As a business coach, I coach my clients around starting and growing a business.  The first step I take is getting my clients to cast a vision of how their business success fits into their personal life.  Then, we establish goals for their business; and break those goals into manageable chunks.  Once we have established these chunks, I then coach their energy and help them understand how they need to shift their thinking to accomplish their goals.  Once my clients have established the right frame of mind (Energy), they tend to move quickly and effortlessly through their goals and objectives to achieve their life vision of WHO they want to be and WHAT they want to accomplish.  If you are interested in learning more about life or business coaching, visit my website


exall-sunny-tree_1-1exall-sunny-tree_1-1This time of year, I think a lot about light even more so than at all other times of year. I like the word, because it’s a homonym, (light, as in “bright light”, and “light”, as in not “heavy”). Light is so important to digital imagery. You might say that’s all digital imagery really is, perceived light, the medium notwithstanding. Light is energy, with colors as components of that energy. As a digital imagery creator, at the end of the day, all I really do is manipulate energy. Which is kind of cool to think about. because I use that energy in so many other important ways. To dry off after being wet, to grow vegetables in my garden, to make electricity, to tan, etc.). Sometimes I borrow Earth elements to make the light into something solid, with weight, called a print, but not as much these days as I once did.

At this time of year, in the Northern Hemisphere, the amount, intensity and angle of natural sunlight is receding. It begins to grow more scarce around Sept 22nd after the Autumnal Equinox, there are a number of celebrations in many traditions on this date. The most ancient being Mabon, the second harvest feast. The sunlight continues to recede until around the 21st of December, the Winter Solstice, which is an event, again, surrounded by celebrations in many faiths and traditions, with the most ancient recorded one being Yule, or Jul. All of them are very jubilant and inclusive celebrations, marked by the sharing of special treasures. They are so festive, with almost all traditions having stories with some element of sacred light and therefore are usually celebrated using artificial light(s) of some sort, because they pay homage to the return of the Light. They also celebrate oneself, and ones family and friends have successfully lived through the darkest, coldest, and least abundant time of the seasonal cycle. So a show of “light”, to ward off the “weight” of the darkness, and the sharing of remaining treasures. Hoarded nutritional items, things made while whiling away the dark hours, or spiritual treasures resulting from the increase in time available to meditate along with countless others, are shared to mark the end of the scarcity of those treasures during the season and to remind each other that the return of the light brings warmth, fertility tot he soil, and abundance. These gift exchanges are usually in some way part of this seasons celebrations in all traditions. That is what the season of giving means to me. The reminder of the return of the abundance of light.

I find it comforting to know that what I do for a vocation, is aligned along a beam of light, with traditions and rituals so very ancient. As I work with the light and color, throughout the coming year, I vow to try to be mindful of the history of the importance of this light, and the sharing of its meaning, to the many millennia of generations of fellow sojourners on this tiny rock orbiting this little sun.

Wishing you and yours great light and energy in this season, and the coming year.

Stay Bright in 2017!


Don’t walk this thin line!

Have you ever struggled with getting stuck in moving forward because you needed everything to be just right?

Maybe you stayed at a job too long? Are you sticking out a relationship because it will be too difficult financially to go it alone? Perhaps you haven’t started a project because you don’t know where to start or not sure what you need?

Often we find ourselves in a holding pattern waiting for perfection to strike before we take action. We freeze up in anticipation or fear of failing, doing something wrong, or looking silly. When we act like this, we in turn, invite more of this into our lives.

I am sure you can relate to that downward spiral… I personally have gotten stuck in it over this last month. With making some changes in my business I found myself striving for perfection. I wanted all of the offerings to be just right, I wanted all of the messaging to on point. I could put anything out until I had it all completely perfect. Well what happened? I did pretty much nothing — no blog posts, very few videos, little talking about what I was doing… or hoping to do.

In turn, this being stuck striving for perfection has put production, growth, expansion on hold. I feel like everything around me has come to a screeching halt!

So what is the answer then? How do we get ourselves out of this search for perfectionism… which by the way… perfect does not really exist! I know I have been chasing after it for nearly 30 years and have yet to find it in just about anything — not consistently anyways!

What I have found to work much better is to strive for excellence! Now some of you may be going, “wait Jess isn’t that the same thing??” No, it isn’t. You see excellence reaches to be extremely good! There is room for improvement. Additionally, what I have found is that when striving for excellence you can be more in the moment — it allows for you to focus on the now.

I have always found perfection to be a long-term, overall sense of being and way of life. That no matter what you did in this moment there were always so many more moments ahead of you just waiting for you to mess up and screw up your perfect streak.

When we focus on excellence, we can zero in on multiple different areas of our life at once without ever feeling like we are failing at all of them.

So where can you focus on practicing excellence in your life??

  • Mindset/Thoughts – are you thinking positively, being a proactive-problem solver, focusing on results, and encouraging yourself every day?
  • Communication/Words – are you building others up, are you saying what you mean in a clear and concise way, do you talk about positive, contributing ideas?
  • Actions – are your actions in alignment with your words, are you living in your values, have you helped someone today, are you creating the world you want to see?


When it comes to our family, friends, co-workers and strangers we interact with, we can be their guiding light! We can show them how to make changes. We MUST be the leader who initiates the change in our worlds. Some may be resistant at first, but those who come around are truly the ones we need around us to make a difference in the world (ours and the bigger world).

So I challenge you to strive for excellence in the individual parts of your life and let go of reaching for perfection. Let us know how your life starts to change when you change your focus!!

Change NOW

Are you already planning your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you decided that next year will be THE YEAR! Change is going to happen, it will stick!

We spend all Holiday Season hyping ourselves up for the big changes we are going to make. The new life we will create for ourselves. We cut ourselves slack in so many directions because when it is all over we will make the big changes. We will get our act in gear. Become the people we were always meant to be.

Then New Years rolls around, we try to take on way more than is acceptable, and all of our big changes end up crashing and burning. We try to change too many things all at once. Then none of them end up working.

What can we do to change this? How can we keep this obnoxious cycle from perpetuating? Why does it always happen this way? Oh the agony! Stop suffering, change now!

Here are some things you can do to change now:

Start NOW!

Far too often we put things off. I will start in a few weeks. I will start after this hard time passes. After the Holidays, etc

When we wait, our results don’t come. When we wait, it is that much easier to keep waiting or to never start.

Know the bigger change you want to make

It is very important to know the end result you want to achieve. There is no way to get to your goal is you do not have one set in place. If you can see the big picture you can break it down and work on it piece by piece.

Start Small

There is no need to try and eat the whole elephant at once. Try making small changes that will work you up toward reaching your goals. Take the smallest step possible and work up from there. Whether it is 5 push ups. Half a glass of water. New Shoes. Etc.

Be easy on yourself

You will miss a day. Mistakes will be made. It will all be ok in the end! Do not beat yourself up because you at a cookie. If you get stuck in the monotony of life. This is why we take things one step at a time.

Know what you should avoid

There are plenty of things, people, and other habits that can knock us off track from reaching our goals. As important as it is to stick to the positive changes we are making, it is just as important to stay away from the things that could bring us down or keep up stuck in the same place.

Plan ahead

If you can be prepared for the best and the worst you have a better chance of success. Of course don’t allow your need to prepare to cause you to not start? Having healthy snacks prepared. Dreaming about the adventures you want to take. Or having an adventure bag in the car at all times.

Try putting some of the tips into place and CHANGE NOW! Seriously, do a few squats, leave for an adventure walk, call a family member, etc. Let us know what change you want to make and where you are starting!

3 Houses for Thanksgiving

If you come from a broken home or a very large, close family, you probably have had a few holidays of bouncing around from place to place… If you are new to the multi-house holiday you are in luck!

I am a pro!

Let me first explain why I am so good at these things, then I will let you in on some of my tips on how to make this jammed packed day run more smoothly for you and everyone else you are dragging along with you.

Some of you may already know that when I was 2.5 my parents divorced, and quite frankly ugly hardly explains it sometimes. I am pretty sure both of my parents know what the word compromise means. However, just because we know the meaning of a word does not mean we must put it into practice. Now if it was only the two households perhaps this wouldn’t be such an issue.

As if only in an effort to make things more complicated for everyone, my dad married into a very large, very family-centered Italian family. On holidays like Christmas we could have to visit 3 different places just for my step mother’s side.

I also forgot to mention that my father’s mom is was also divorced… twice. At some point in my childhood I had my dad’s dad’s house I needed to go to. And for some reason my mom rekindled a relationship with my dad’s stepdad for a short period of time. Is your brain ready to explode yet?

That means as some point in my life for major holidays I was dragged around to:

  • Mom’s house
  • Nana and Poppy’s – Mom’s parents’ house
  • Grampy Time – Dad’s stepdad outing – thankfully I think this was only once
  • Dad’s house
  • Grammy B’s – Dad’s mom’s house
  • Pop’s – Dad’s dad’s house
  • Sandy and Joe’s – Stepmom’s parents’ house
  • Stepmom’s grandparents’ house
  • Whichever other of stepmom’s relative was hosting that year’s house

For Christmas every year, my sisters and I saw 9 houses for the Holidays!! That is just sheer insanity. Not to mention if you added in good friends of the family and such — I am exhausted just writing about it!

Thankfully, Thanksgiving was a little calmer, but it is also only ONE day instead of being able to spread it out over at least 2 if not more. Regardless there was always at least 3 houses I was dragged to, and eventually found my way to during Thanksgiving.

So how do you make the multi-house holiday work?

First, I want you to be sure that you know, there is definitely some planning that goes into this.

Start with Information Gathering

  1. Find out what time everyone is serving dinner, who will be there when, etc.
    1. A lot of time there are other friends and relatives coming in and you want to make sure you time it with the people you want to see, or just “happen” to miss those you careless to see…
  2. Figure out if you are required to bring something to any or all of the places
  3. Know who is the most forgiving and understanding of your situation
  4. Determine when is an acceptable time to start the day (potentially showing up early somewhere) and what time you want to be home
  5. Map out your destinations and driving time between each

Share your plan

  1. Make sure every place you are going is aware there are other places you need to be also. Be sure to let them know how thankful you are that you get to spend some time with them and that they are a part of your life.
  2. Give a loose idea of when you will be at each place.
  3. Let the kids know your plan ahead of time. If there are other kids when you show up try to share that Tommy can play till such and such time. It is best to set the expectations up front.

Eat Strategically

  1. DON’T use the big plate! If you have multiple places to go it is far too easy to fill up at the first house and then make everyone else made because you didn’t eat. Smaller plate means less room for all the food.
  2. Pass on the rolls and chips and dip! Seriously, it makes a big difference!
  3. Consider letting the later place know you will just be having dessert so they are not waiting on dinner for you and so you don’t feel obligated to eat more food.
  4. Ensure the desserts for the kids are either packed to go at the first couple houses or at least minimized. I was a eater so I always ate real food at almost every house, my sisters on the other hand when right for the junk food. Know your kids habits and have a plan in place before hand.
  5. Bring your own tupperware. If you can’t fit in Aunt Sherry’s stuffing, there should be no need to miss out on it completely. Usually, there is more than enough to go around and they are happy that you like something enough to want to take it home.

It can be fun!

Multi-house holiday dinners can be fun and productive if you do them right. With a little planning, self control, and positivity you can make the most out of any hectic holiday hopping adventure.

Please keep in mind these are not full-proof. You may hurt someone’s feelings who is used to having you all to themselves for the full day. A kid could get super cranky from being dragged across the state and back again. Regardless, they should be able to get you started on a better trajectory for a happy Thanksgiving.

We would love to hear about your multi-house holiday stories! Feel free to email us at

Time Flies

Are you wondering what happened to your days? Where did it go? How do you get back more time, etc. There are some great ways to start recognizing what is the problem with time management.

We all only have a finite amount of time. We each are given the same 24 hours each day. How is it that some people can accomplish so much more? And some people are running around with their heads cut off and never get anything accomplished? So how do some people have such good time management skills?

This mostly has to do with knowing and setting priorities and then standards, expectations, and boundaries for those priorities. But there is a little bit of work that needs to happen before we get to that part. Here are the next steps toward understanding where your time goes and how to start regaining productivity in your life.

First, we need to understand if we are allotting enough time to our activities. Perhaps we think something will take us 30 minutes, but in actuality it takes us 45. Equally as important we need to understand why things take us so long. Does the task require more of our time and attention? Or does are we getting interrupted or are dealing with a lot of distractions?

Generally, speaking we all like to believe that we can be good multitaskers… That we can answer email while on the phone, listening to a game while we write a report, etc. This, however, could not be farther from the truth. We can not give both tasks our full or even half of our attention. When we try and go back and forth between two things, or worse do two things at once, we are actually only giving 40% of our capacity to either task. We lose so much focus in trying to switch back and forth.

So before you go trying to change all of your habits and the way you do things, they first is to simply observe and record how your day typically goes.

For at least one week, but 2 is better, carry around the following template and each 30 minute section write down what you did. Try to make note of what your distractions where and roughly how much time they took up within each block. If you really want to dig in, feel free to just carry one day at a time so you can be detailed in your experiences.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:00 am
6:30 am
7:00 am
7:30 am
8:00 am
8:30 am
9:00 am
9:30 am
10:00 am

Print out a full copy here. Schedule_5_Day_Landscape_24_Hours

Ideally, before you do this exercise you will be estimating how much time each task should take you. Then you can see if part of your problem is poor time estimation. Additionally, by going through this process you will see what your biggest distractions are and can start planning on how to minimize or eliminate them. Next time we will talk about how to recognize these distractions and how to eliminate or minimize them so you can get the most of your time and make it productive, too!

Earn Back Time

Do you ever find yourself wishing for more time in a day? How about wondering where the day went? Or how are you supposed to be able to get everything on your to-do list accomplished? Wishing the feeling of overwhelm would go away already? Do not worry you are not alone! These are some of the most popular feelings I hear on a regular basis from clients and friends alike. I regularly get asked how do you do all of that? Do you ever sleep? How do you have so much energy?

Time management plays a big role in how we manage our lives, including setting our priorities, handling mundane daily tasks, and planning and preparing for the future. If we let time take over and lose our control it is very easy to let a lot of other things go to the overwhelm and chaos.

Understanding your life from a time perspective is fairly simple, however, I will not promise that it is easy. Many people get to the first step and break down or give up. It is ok if this happens, just promise yourself you will keep coming back to it until you have completed it and can move on.

Why is step one so difficult you ask??

Well, much like other areas in our lives, if it difficult because we are forced to get absolutely, 100%, serious and honest with ourselves. We have to take a full inventory of our lives, our activities, responsibilities, and our desired for where we want to go.

Part one actually has multiple parts, so we are going to start with the basics and then, build upon it. I am going to put in my work, so feel free to copy and paste as you need to. I encourage you to do this over a few days because undoubtedly more things will pop into your head, be sure you carry a pad and pen with you this week to capture them as you go…

I am sure you are wondering what the heck I am babbling on about… so here it goes:

Everything I Do Challenge

Over the next week keep a running tally of everything you do! Every activity, responsibility, group, club, etc.  Try to be as specific as possible. I personally like to break things down into the different parts, because I may not mind one part of a process of activity and really dislike another part of it. Example: Laundry — can be broken down into – sorting, washing, folding, putting away. Meals – shopping, prep, cooking, eating, clean up.

If you are going to do this on the computer consider doing this in excel with different tabs for the separate areas of your life… this may assist in keeping the overwhelm down a bit. WARNING: You may feel exasperation, dizziness, frustration, overwhelm, confusion, surprise, elation, or exhaustion looking at a complete list of all of the things you do.

Try to add in the things you would LIKE to do too. If you really want to join a bowling league, book clue, exercise, etc. put that into your list as well. 

When you are writing down your activities consider the following categories:

  • Family
  • Career
  • Financial
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Intellectual

I would love it if you would share you experiences with this and how it is making you feel. Please reach out if you are feeling overwhelmed, or like you need to give up. I am happily here to support you and keep you moving through the process. If you need to step away and come back that is perfectly ok, but make sure you come back!

Want to Improve Your Focus and Productivity? Try Massage.

Every one of us from the lowest employee to the highest CEO, and everyone in between, has occasionally suffered from a lack of focus. We may get tired, groggy, anxious, or stressed and our ability to concentrate (and therefore, be productive) starts to slip away. Instead of chugging down another sugar-laden energy, or trying to stamp out your stress with another chocolate bar, try massage instead.

In a 1996 study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience, participants were divided up into two groups: one group who received a 15 minute chair massage twice a week for 5 weeks, and one group who were only asked to sit and relax for 15 minutes twice a week for 5 weeks. While both groups did experience increased relaxation and reported a less depressed mood, the massage group also experienced:

  • enhanced alertness
  • lower job stress
  • lower anxiety
  • and increased speed and accuracy on math problems

Clearly, massage has more benefits than just “feeling good”. Who knew that you could both be more relaxed and more productive simultaneously? But if your workplace doesn’t provide employee chair massage yet, never fear! You can still get many of the benefits of massage therapy through self-massage techniques. Just keep a tennis ball in your desk at work to roll out any tight or tired areas during the day. You can use the wall to help you in those hard-to-reach spots between your shoulder blades. Or you can lie on the floor with two tennis balls at the base of your skull to help release tension in your head before a headache sets in. Give it a try for 10-15 minutes every day, and see how much more alert and focused you can be at work.

Tame Your Closet

For some this is a quick and easy process. For others this may seem daunting and nearly impossible. Have no fear there is actually a very easy way to do this, so that it does not seem overwhelming to you.

Depending on the amount of clothing you have, how dispersed they all are, your willingness to make a quick and final decision many of you will need to plan ahead for somewhere between 5-10 hours. This is in part because you have not yet honed your decision making skills around decluttering, you will probably get side tracked (its normal when you do not have a professional there to help), and for many there will need to be some time to collect ALL of the clothing. YES ALL! Seasonal stuff, stuff from the laundry, things hiding in cars, other people’s closets, under the couch, etc.

Well now that you are all thinking I am crazy, talking about all of your clothes… you are probably wondering well how the heck am I supposed to do this??

Before we start we need to set some criteria…

Remember, I believe there are only 3 reasons you should keep anything:

  1. It brings you joy
  2. It enriches your life in some way
  3. It has a specific and immediate purpose

Bonus: You can set some expectations for yourself now, too. Example: I will minimize my number of shoes to no more than 30 pairs. I will donate 2 garbage bags worth of clothing. I will only keep the amount of t-shirts that fit in this drawer. I will get rid of anything bigger than my current size.

Make space to create your piles:

  • Keep (bed, couch, or table)
  • Donate (Box, or clearly labeled bag)
  • Consign (not necessary, but some people like to try and get money back for their items)
  • Toss (regular old trash bag works great)
  • Action (these items need a new button, to be dry cleaned, or taken in)
  • I Don’t Know — This one is important, but you must be sure to NOT over use it (another box, basket, or another small space)

All of my tops. pants, dresses, and scarves. This is the start of the process.

Now that we are ready physically and mentally, let’s get started!

Break your wardrobe down into categories: primarily tops, bottoms, under garments, accessories. If you have an overwhelming amount of clothes you may want to consider some of the following sub categories:

  • Tops: tanks, t-shirts, going out, long sleeves, collared, sweaters, sweat shirts, etc
  • Bottoms: dress shorts, casual shorts, dress pants, jeans, khakis, pj’s, etc
  • Undergarments: socks, under ware, bras, sport bras, tights, stockings, long johns, etc
  • Accessories: belts, hats, scarves, belt buckles, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches, ties, etc

Take everything from one category (main or sub) and pile it up in the area you have created for sorting. Be sure to take everything off hangers.

IMG_20160520_184437 - Copy

Now, one-by-one pick up each item. Yes, you must handle each item! You will make a decision about the item and place it in its appropriate place.

Mindsets to be aware of:

  • I spent so much money. Please try to keep in mind how much joy and excitement someone else if going to receive from this new to them item.
  • I have not even worn this yet. It is easy to see something with tags on it and regret your decision to buy it or try to convince yourself you will wear it soon. If it does not fit into the criteria above, let it go.
  • Maybe I will fit back into this. If you are holding onto multiple sizes because your weight fluctuates be sure that you are restricting how much you hold onto in either direction and that at whatever weight the clothes you keep you LOVE.

When setting up your clothes organization in your closet keep these ideas in mind: (You don’t have to follow them to a T, but they really do make a difference)

  1. Keep like with like together (long sleeves, dresses, skirts, tanks, etc)
  2. Longest items on the left of your closet; shortest to the right
  3. Darker colors on the left side and move right to light colors

EXAMPLE: My closet:

  • Dresses
  • Business jackets
  • Zip up, long sleeved sweaters and tops
  • Long sleeved shirts
  • 3/4 length sleeved shirts
  • Short sleeved tops
  • Tank tops
  • Sweaters (I hang these special, check out the video)
  • Skirts
  • Business pants

IMG_20160520_184524 - CopyIMG_20160520_200104

  1. Keep like with like
  2. Try to make all of your clothing stand up vertically, instead of piled on top of each other horizontally
  3. Put darker colors to the back of the drawer and getting lighter toward the front of the drawer


Be sure to take care of your action items.

  • Take the garbage out of the house.
  • Put donations in your car to go to your favorite charity place.
  • Put dry cleaning in the car to be dropped off.
  • Anything that needs buttons or repairs, be sure to put that into action.

Enjoy your new found clothes organization and the benefits that it brings!

  • Enjoy more time in the morning
  • Love the way you look and feel every day
  • Know that you made someone else very grateful because of your donations
  • Feel excitement over the ability to bring in new pieces that are right for you
  • And so many more!!