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Lisa Marie Anderson

Nurtitiona/Health Coach Shaklee Independent Distributor
Cell Phone: 303-882-7292 Website: Healthy Living As Green As It Gets


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Hello! I help people design nutritional programs, educate on the dangers of household toxins and teach people how to build their own businesses. I am passionate about healthy living! Here’s a little about me and how my business came to be!

Our Shaklee story started in 2001 when I was searching for quality vitamins that could help our children stay healthy.  Today we have found that sharing health, hope and a business opportunity is a great way to make a living!  We often think how different our lives would be if someone hadn’t taken the time to share the gift of Shaklee with us.  Before Shaklee we were frequently sick.  Having four kids in our family we often shared the same “bugs” over and over.  Finding Shaklee meant having stronger immune systems and less chemicals in our home, and it provided a way for me to stay home and be a full time mom while earning an awesome income!

Our business has offered us college funds, retirement, wonderful travel and a free car! We have been to the Bahamas, Mexico, the Carribbean Islands and Kenya!  And we love to help people achieve their dreams in Shaklee!

We are so proud of the company we represent.  Shaklee has a story that no one else can share.  Our history includes Dr. Shaklee creating the first multivitamin and pioneering this amazing business model.  We have the best products that have been scientifically proven and we lead the world in nutritional research.  Shaklee combines history, integrity and knowledge into all they do.  It is a pleasure to share this gift with you and those you care about. Feel free to contact us.

Lisa & Dave Anderson

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