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Constance Brackett

Director of Business Development KRESS Inc.
Work Phone: 720.841.5204 Website: KRESS Inc.


So, how do you become the Director of Business Development and open a new Colorado office for an employment screening firm in Houston? While some might take a straight path of B2B sales and marketing and “climb the ladder”, I chose a road less travelled. My road began at Sprint and meandered through B2C before returning to B2B and KRESS Inc.

In the B2C world, I spent time building fashion shows and finding the audience, managing lingerie salespeople, and leading sales and training at three of the most popular jewelry stores—Kay, Helzberg and Jared.

While at Jared, I broke records on all standards and had a store in the black in six months (typically this takes a year). I ran some of the biggest special events in the area, and I was breaking all the records in volume and quantity. I flew to the home office several times a year to assist with the company’s development of future leadership. I would fly to different cities to recruit and assist with training for a new store opening. Jared would also fly the entire new store management staff to be trained at my location. I organized a recruiting blitz for the district and trained all levels of management in the district on how to recruit, interview and manage. I would also travel to help the other stores during events to help them succeed. I won the training manager of the year. I was basically a Jared rockstar.

But, you know that feeling when you’ve reached the top of your game in an industry and you aren’t willing to make the sacrifice for that next step? That’s where I was when I found KRESS Inc.

Now, I am the sales guru and trainer for KRESS. In my spare time, I cook and garden—did you know that Colorado has some of the best gardening conditions in the U.S.? I didn’t either until now. In 2014, I spent the first holiday season with my family in years, and I wouldn’t trade it.

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