A Letter to ABNG Members

We are thrilled to announce that our ABNG groups continue to grow rapidly and gain huge success! We want you to know we are putting much care into strategically growing to ensure our chapters are as strong and successful as possible.

We believe it is extremely valuable to keep our groups at a manageable size of 30, where everyone has an opportunity to meet and build the real connections we hope to create within our groups. We now have 12 or more chapter meetings per month, and have created a wait list for all events which is initiated when the RSVP limit is reached. The RSVPs for each chapter location open one hour after the previous chapter event ended (for events that are weekly, the RSVP opens two weeks out), so be sure to get your RSVP in early as it is first come, first served. Thanks to the wait list, if the event is full and an attendee has a change of plans and changes their RSVP to “not attending”, the next person on the wait list is able to attend.

Managing your RSVP responses is a HUGELY important part of our process.

Unfortunately, what has been happening too often is people either cancel at the last moment, or do not show up and do not change their RSVP, leaving open spots at the group and people waiting on the wait list. This cannot continue to happen. With so many people on the wait list hoping to get into one of our meetings, it is disrespectful to our members to blow off the meeting while reserving your spot. Please change your RSVP as early as possible. If your status is changed within an hour or two of the meeting, wait listers often cannot attend last minute.

We have always taken a self-policing mentality about having rules and restrictions within our group, however due to our continued growth and subsequent expansion, we now have to instill a few guidelines of decorum for the RSVP process, to ensure everyone has as wonderful an experience as possible.

New rules:


A member with 3 disrespectful actions in a 3-month period will be asked not to attend any meeting for 6 months. A disrespectful action is defined by:

“No Show”
“Same Day As Event/Last Minute Cancellation”
“Showing up to a meeting when you are not on the RSVP (attending) list”

You will be removed from the group and asked not to return if a 6-month leave happens more than once. We understand emergencies happen, so if that is the case, please let us know and we will be as accommodating as possible.

Building relationships

Members are not to ‘push’ sales upon anyone, at any time.

At the ABNG we pride ourselves on putting relationships and giving back first, with a zero tolerance policy for ‘pushy’ sales tactics.
Please be clear: We hope everyone in our group experiences their business expanding from connections made, however, there is a difference between building connections to gain business, and pushing business upon people.

The latter is unacceptable within this group. If our leadership team receives a report of a member acting inappropriately towards other members of the group, you will be given ONE warning to fix this behavior. If it continues, you will be asked to leave the group permanently. Remember, we are here to build relationships first and foremost; business will come as a result.

Please know we are asking this of you to make our group as strong as possible and allow for continued growth and success. We are thrilled with the amazing groups everyone has helped create, and we looking forward to offering new opportunities and continuing to provide you with the best networking outlets in Denver.


Your ABNG Team
Daniel, Emily, Ben, Craig, Nigel, Claudia, and Joyce

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